The world from the view of a BlueJay


WOW! I know that it’s been awhile since my last post.  I’d apologize, but I’m not really sorry.  I’ve had some important stuff to deal with.

I’m not even in Colorado at the moment, and this weekend, was able to see some pretty stark contrast in this world. 

Contrast is what I want to discuss.  Really,  I want to discuss the contrast in our way of life.

Have you ever been on a plane and flown over a populated area at night?  Have you marveled at the cityscape and the amazing amount of lights that dot the earth’s surface, making it look like a really complex circuit board?   How about uninhabited areas?  Have you noticed the extreme darkness, and can you envision the contrast between rural, and populous cities? 

I ask because as I flew over the Korean Pininsula, I noticed that when you look at the nighttime landscape of the Korean Pininsula taken from the air or space, you will see the same kind of contrast.  Where South Korea is lit up like the Vegas strip, North Korea, including the largest cities, is Dark.  I mean, really dark.  If you were to overlay one of those night time pictures over a map of the Pininsula, you would see that it is a very sharp contrast that follows the border exactly. 

It’s pretty mind-boggling. 
Why the extreme difference?

The answer is filled with more Contrast.

South Korea is a free republic, North Korea is a dictatorship.
South Korea is Capitalist, North Korea is Communist.
In South Korea, Human Spirit is valued and nurtured.
In North Korea, Human Spirit is monitored and crushed when necessary.

You see, in a system that values Freedom, like in South Korea, or even back home in the United States, Happiness abounds and with it come Creativity, Enterprise, and Prosperity.  Businesses expand, and with them the municipalities around them grow – More jobs are created through the expansion, as office buildings and homes are built, and contractors go to work, making money and employing people, who in turn spend that money at businesses and on real-estate, thus perpetuating the process.   Free Enterprise is a Wonderful thing.   If you ever question that, just google a picture of the Korean Pininsula at night and hopefully, that picture will bring this concept into focus and you can appreciate the Contrast between Freedom and everything else.

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Superbowl 2015

Howdy Folks! 
Welcome to February! Just another gorgeous day in Colorado!  The sky is blue and the sun is shining. 
I watched the superbowl yesterday and thought that the game itself was a good one.  I didn’t see a single ad that impressed me.  The halftime show was nothing special either.  But the last two minutes of the game made up for everything else that was lacking!  There was that amazing and unlikely catch by the seahawks receiver, and then the terrible call to pass on second and goal with 18 seconds to go. I get that the line was stacked, but come on.  Really?  You have Marshawn Lynch – probably the best running back in the NFL, and you’re playing a secondary that has been in your face all night.  The ball is intercepted, and miraculously, because they’re in the end zone, Brady can’t kneel on it.  So what do you do?  That’s right, you encroach, giving Brady and the Patriots the 5 yards they need to just kneel on it, and eliminate any chance you have of a miraculous turnover to win it.  Way to choke Seattle!  I don’t like the Patriots, but I guess they deserved the win more.  I just pains me to see Brady’s smug face and Bellichick’s with the Lombardi trophy.
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Now that the Superbowl is over,  the offseason is ready to roll.  It will be interesting to see what the Denver Broncos are able to do this year under the coaching of Gary Kubiak.  Hope it’s better than last year.
Admittedly, I was not a big fan of bringing Gary in.  Yes, he and Elway go back a long way, but I don’t think that he’s that great.  Look at his performance in Houston.  Despite all kinds of talent, Arian Foster, JJ Watt, etc. they seemed to never hit full stride.  I think that’s a coaching problem.  I could be wrong – I hope I am, because Payton Manning has maybe 1 good year left.  I’d like to see him get another superbowl, and more importantly, I’d like to see the Broncose get another superbowl.  Unfortunately, Denver is built for short term success – they don’t seem to have done much to ensure long term success. The un-tested Brock Osweiler could be good, but just hasn’t seen enough playing time.  Lots of free agents and veterans.  We’ll see what happens, I guess.

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Christmas Lights are Coming down

Flying over the city this last weekend, I could see all manner of people outside taking down their Christmas decorations.  It seems like it’s an awful lot of work to have decorations up for one month (if that).  But then again, they’re so pretty at night.

Its interesting how much “Holiday fun” we cram into the month of December. You’ve got Hannukah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, all close to one another. It seems like the week after the New Year is always kind of a let down. All of the decorations come down, and its back to the daily grind with not much in sight. You’ve got President’s Day and of course MLK day, but the next Major holiday is Valentines day in February.

How did that become “Major” anyway? It’s not like its associated with a major religious figure or act. Its the marketers out there. People aren’t going to buy a bunch of candy and gifts, or spend big money on travel for President’s Day or MLK Day. But I digress…

If you live anywhere that gets cold in the winter, once New Years is passed, you’re pretty much done with winter, yet you have 3 + months of it left. Not fun.

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Do you Ever see Blue Limos?

I was flying above the highway today, watching the endless stream of traffic.  Sometimes it can be quite mesmerizing to watch the flow of people in thier cars and trucks traveling back and forth on the “Highways” to the places they’ve got to be.  As a bird, I still struggle to understand why they call it a “Highway”, but I digress…

This Morning, I saw a couple different limos.  My mind began to wander, as it usually does, and I began to think about limousines.  From way up here, I’ve seen a lot.  I’ve seen the Towncars, Stretch Cadillacs, Navigators and Hummers.  Typically though, I only see them in 4 colors:  Black, White, Silver, or Pink.  Does that seem odd?  I mean sure, I’ve seen the very rare Canary Yellow Limo, but I’ve never seen one in Gold, Purple, Green, Red, or most importantly, BLUE.  What is up with THAT?

I get that people usually want their limo to look classy (unless of course they are renting a Pink limo), but it’s not like Blue is an UN-classy color, right?  I mean SOME would even say it’s ROYAL.  Blue is a very versatile color.  Depending on the particular shade of Blue, it can be deep, electric, royal, navy…  you get the picture.  So why are there no blue limousines?  Were I not so reasonable a bird, I might take offense at the limited chromatic spectrum of these particular vehicles and those who rent them.

All that got me thinking further about limos and how it all works.  Do just rich people have them, or is it something the average joe could rent?  Clearly, it’s the latter, because you always see them at weddings, funerals, bachelor parties, etc.  What if you wanted to have one on retainer?  Do they even do that?

I wonder about their gas mileage.  It must be horrible.  It’s impressive though, how clean they seem to keep them.

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got for today.

Please, If you own a limo company or manufacture them, consider Blue.


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Welcome To My New Blog

Howdy Folks!  In this blog, I’ll pretty much talk about whatever comes to mind.  People,Products, Services, Blue Jays, The Colorado Experience, who knows.  I’m unpredictable like that!    For example:

In Colorado, the left lane is reserved for passing!  Yesterday,  while driving to town for a nice lunch, I got stuck behind a person in a Honda CRV going 10 miles below the speed limit in the left lane to avoid being behind a big tank truck in the right lane (at least that is my best guess at their reasoning.)  Had a Blue Jay been flying above, he would have seen a long line of other highway travelers that were stuck behind this inconsiderate individual.  Please, for the love of all that is good and sacred – and for my sanity, only drive in the left lane if you are passing people in the right.  If you find yourself side by side, as if holding hands, this should be a clue that you either need to speed up, or slow down and move to the right.  The other motorists will appreciate it, as will the Blue Jay flying above in your exhaust fumes.

Anyhow, Happy 2015!

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